Louisiana Pain Specialists Advantages

The Louisiana Pain Specialists understand the intricacies and time sensitivity surrounding Personal Injury Cases and Worker’s Compensation Claims.

Attorney Concierge

In order to provide the perfect solution for medical care and case support, we have developed a Concierge Service to assist local attorneys with providing expert medical evaluation and assistance for their clients.

  1. We have 7 convenient locations and Accept almost ALL Insurances.
  2. Schedule quick and last minute appointments.
  3. Provide personal concierge services to assist in case progress and development.
  4. Provide Doctor’s personal contact information.

The Louisiana Pain Specialists team assists attorneys seeking medical experts for their Personal Injury Cases and Worker’s Compensation claims. Our Doctors are Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Interventional Pain Physicians that specialize in treating chronic and acute pain. If your client has recently been injured in a car accident or has been hurt on the job, you will need a doctor that specializes in neck pain, back pain, or joint pain. The Louisiana Pain Specialists build a customized treatment plan utilizing all available options from medication to the latest cutting edge procedures and interventions to provide the best solution for our patients.

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The Louisiana Pain Specialists Team understands the complex procedures for navigating Worker’s Compensation Claims. We work quickly to schedule appointments, evaluate conditions, and provide expert medical consultations and evaluations. Our goal is to help our patients receive quality care while assisting in their Worker’s Compensation Claims.

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The Louisiana Pain Specialists Team are the experts for treating chronic pain conditions like back pain, neck pain, and nerve pain due to a traumatic injury. Pain is more than a physical sensation, it is also stressful, distracting, and even depressing. Our physicians will identify and evaluate the source of the pain and provide a safe, minimally invasive, clinically proven interventional treatment for our patients.

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