Does working out at the gym help with chronic pain?


Chronic Pain - gym help with chronic painEach year, millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions that include losing weight and working out at the gym. Does working out at the gym help with chronic pain?

When you’re afflicted with chronic pain, weight loss can help alleviate some of the pain, but does working out at the gym help control chronic pain? Certainly exercise in the form of physical therapy is a prescribed modality for the control of chronic pain, however, there are exercises that might exacerbate the area in pain if not done well. However, strength training can be performed with safety and precision, especially with the aid of the proper machines, in order to control chronic pain without injury or further exacerbating the injured area.

Because chronic pain can cause the sufferer to lose interest in everyday activities, exercise can be an effective way to reverse the downward spiral of deconditioning and increasing pain resulting from becoming more sedentary. Eventually, these once chronic pain sufferers will begin to enjoy life again and participate in everyday activities far more easily than previously. To this end, it is best to combine different types of exercise. Daily stretching exercises are key to recovery, as well as increasing flexibility and range of motion. Strengthening exercises, such as squats or wall push ups, when done properly, will build stronger muscles to support the skeletal system. Cardio exercises, such as walking or an elliptical trainer, offers even more enhanced healing benefits. Swimming and aerobic exercise in a heated swimming pool is also highly recommended. The benefits of engaging in activities in a heated swimming pool are twofold: muscles relax in the warmth of the water, and the weightlessness of being suspended in water eases the pressure on your joints allowing for freer movement. After consulting with your physician, begin exercising gradually, adding exercises as you gain strength. You have to be accepting of your limitations and progress, because you will be able to do more exercises on some days rather than others. To over exert yourself may result in worsening pain and muscle strain.

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