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COOLIEF – Non-Surgical Treatment For Relief of Chronic Back Pain

Chronic-Back-Pain---COOLIEFA new, non-invasive procedure could bring some relief for patients suffering from chronic knee pain and back pain, for whom surgery is not an option. The Physicians at Louisiana Pain Specialists are specially trained to properly diagnose and determine whether COOLIEF procedures are right for you.

COOLIEF* is designed to treat chronic pain lasting for longer than three months. The minimally invasive, outpatient procedure uses cooled radiofrequency (RF) energy to safely target the sensory nerves causing pain. COOLIEF* circulates water through the device while heating nervous tissue to create a treatment area that is larger than conventional radio frequency treatments. This combination targets the pain-causing nerves without excessive heating, leading to pain relief.

Four out of five adults in the United States experience chronic lower back pain and Americans spend at least $50 billion each year trying to treat it. Most patients with chronic pain try managing their symptoms with oral anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections and physical therapy, while others have tried standard radiofrequency ablation and fusion procedures. Studies have demonstrated that radiofrequency treatment can provide up to 24 months of relief from chronic back pain. Most patients experience pain relief and improved mobility and are able to return to their normal activities within a few weeks.

For more information, please visit www.louisianapain.com or www.MyCoolief.com


Every day you suffer from chronic back pain is another day you can’t get back. And with every treatment that falls short, more of your days, and dreams, pass you by. Don’t let pain steal another day. Ask about COOLIEF* Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment, a minimally invasive and non-surgical outpatient procedure that targets the nerves that cause chronic back pain. Studies have demonstrated that radiofrequency treatment can provide up to 24 months of relief from chronic back pain.

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