FAQS on Spinal Cord Stimulations
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FAQS on Spinal Cord Stimulation

FAQS on Spinal Cord Stimulation Q: WILL SPINAL CORD STIMULATION (SCS) ALLOW ME TO BE FREE OF PAIN MEDICATIONS? Every person differs in how effective SCS therapy is for them. For some patients, SCS therapy may work well enough that pain…
Spinal-Cord-Stimulation - Louisiana Pain Specialists
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Changing the Game on Pain: Spinal Cord Stimulation

Changing the Game on Pain: Spinal Cord Stimulation Chronic pain affects 100 million Americans, more than heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined. The debilitating disease is the cause for 40 percent of work absences due to back pain, second…
Louisiana Pain Specialists Trigger Point Injections
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What is a Trigger Point Injection?

What is a Trigger Point Injection? What are its Benefits? A trigger point is an area within the muscle that contracts sending pain to other parts of the body. For example, referral pain in the neck may be the result of a trigger point in the…
herniated disk - Louisiana Pain Specialists
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What Causes Herniated Disk?

What is a Herniated Disk? A Herniated Disk occurs when there is a problem with one of the disks between the individual bones of the vertebrae. The disks are rubbery cushions between the individual bones (vertebrae) that stack together to make…
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COOLIEF - Non-Surgical Treatment For Relief of Chronic Back Pain

A new, non-invasive procedure could bring some relief for patients suffering from chronic knee pain and back pain, for whom surgery is not an option. The Physicians at Louisiana Pain Specialists are specially trained to properly diagnose…
pulled muscle
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What happens when you pull a muscle?

What happens when you pull a muscle? Also known as muscle strain and muscle tear, when a muscle is pulled, it refers to damage to a muscle and/or its tendon. Fibers of the muscle and/or tendon are torn causing injury to small blood vessels,…
Louisiana Pain Specialists Nerve Pain Information
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What is a Pinched Nerve?

What is a Pinched Nerve? Have you ever experienced a tingling, numbness or weakness in the back of your leg? If you have ever felt this pain, you may have a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve occurs due to pressure applied to a nerve surrounding…
Neck and Back Pain
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How Can Bad Posture Cause Neck and Back Pain?

How Can Bad Posture Cause Neck and Back Pain? It’s with very good reason that your Mom told you to sit up straight and hold your shoulders back. She wanted you to sit and stand with good posture. Whether we like it or not, Mother was right.…
Neck and Back Pain
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Top 10 Tools for Managing Chronic Pain - Louisiana Pain Specialists

The Toolbox StrategyIf you’ve seen my previous articles, I’m committed to people living with chronic pain to develop a toolbox strategy for coping. The toolbox strategy is really simple: If you have a range of different ways to cope with…
Neck and Back Pain
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A New Treatment For Chronic Knee Pain

A Solution for Providers and Patients Chronic knee pain is a very common complaint in the United States. The typical conservative treatments for knee pain are physical therapy and over-the-counter pain medicines. The next step in treatment can…