What is BURSTDR™ Stimulation?

BURSTDR™ StimulationBURSTDR™ Stimulation is the most advanced forms of spinal column stimulation that has revolutionized chronic pain treatment. BurstDR™ stimulation works by altering the pain signals as they travel to the brain. The superior pain relief provided by BurstDR stimulation has been proven to improve patients’ lives by:

  • Reduce patients’ emotional suffering associated with the pain
  • Improving patients’ ability to perform everyday activities
  • Be preferred by more patients

How does BURSTDR™ Stimulation work?

BurstDR™ stimulation works to reduce pain by altering the pain signals as they travel to the brain. BURSTDR™ STIMULATION is clinically proven to improve peoples’ abilities to perform everyday activities and reduce emotional suffering associated with pain.

  1. Pain signals travel up the spinal cord to the brain.
  2. A generator, similar to a cardiac pacemaker, sends pulses to a thin wire called a lead.
  3. The lead delivers these pulses to nerves along the spinal cord.
  4. The pulses modify the pain signals as they travel to different parts of the brain.
  5. The pulses change the way your body perceives pain—providing potential relief from physical pain as well as the suffering† associated with pain.

Is BURSTDR™ Stimulation right for you?

If you have been living with chronic pain and your current pain relief therapies are not working, ask your physician if BurstDR™ Stimulation may be an option for you. It may be an option for you if you have:

  • Chronic pain in your back, arms, or legs lasting at least six months.
  • Neuropathic pain (burning, tingling, or numbness).
  • Found little or no relief from other treatments, such as pain medications, nerve blocks, physical therapy or surgery.

Additional Information:

New data reinforce benefits of Abbott’s BURSTDR™ SPINAL CORD STIMULATION for people living with Chronic Pain. 

  • Data from two recent studies present at the NANS 2019 Meeting have shown key benefits of BURSTDR™ Stimulation. Specifically, Microdosing BURSTDR™ Stimulation at lowest effective energy allows have resulted in patients managing their pain without the burden of recharging their devices. An additional benefit has also demonstrated switching from other types of SCS therapies to Abbott’s BurstDR stimulation significantly reduced pain and the need for opioid medication.
  • In the study, 40 patients started with a trial period using microdosing BurstDR stimulation before moving to an implanted device if they achieved at least a 50% reduction in pain.
  • In a separate study, patients who no longer received pain relief from their SCS therapy experienced restored pain control and reduced opioid dependency when switched to an Abbott device with a BurstDR waveform.

Louisiana Pain Specialists

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At Louisiana Pain Specialists, our focus is on improving the quality of life of our patients. We have helped thousands of our patients get back to doing what is important to them: working, having restful sleep, spending quality time with friends and family, and participating in their normal daily life. We have been successful in caring for patients with challenging conditions, for whom other treatment plans have failed. we provide quick access to accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment for those who suffer from chronic and acute pain.