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About Louisiana Pain Specialists

Pain is Difficult

Suffering from excruciating low back pain, burning neck pain, pounding headaches, or searing facial pain drastically affects a person’s quality of life. Pain is more than a physical sensation. It’s also upsetting, distracting, stressful, and depressing.

Louisiana Pain Specialists can help.

We successfully treat all types of pain. We offer safe, minimally invasive, clinically proven interventional treatments that are highly effective.

The physicians at Louisiana Pain Specialists have a passion for educating our patients and are dedicated to practicing pain medicine in a responsible manner that brings relief to those who are suffering.

At Louisiana Pain Specialists we operate on the basic principle that in order to provide the best pain relief for suffering patients, an accurate diagnosis is crucial. Often chronic pain patients are subjected to the diagnostic merry-go-round, having been seen by their primary care physician, neurosurgeon, physical medicine doctor, and many others. The foundation of our organization is accurate diagnosis coupled with advanced therapies and interventions aimed at improving a patient’s daily living.


The staff and doctors are the best. I always am treated with respect and I like coming there.

Patient of the Kenner office

I have been going here over 2 years. Dr. Jolly is an amazing doctor and knows his stuff. All of the staff are so nice and friendly. I would recommend anyone to go here if you have chronic pain. They where a life saver for me!

Tanya M.

I’ve always been an active person but was unable because of pain. Dr. Jolly gave me my life back.

Patient of Dr. Jolly

I like the early and fast appointments. Makes it a quick process.

Patient of the Marrero office

Dr. Jolly explained and suggested multiple treatment options, starting with the most conservative to see what worked best for my situation. I’ve experienced more relief in the